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I have Returned!

Hi Everyone! So… um, it’s been over a year since I last posted to this blog…Ack! If anyone is still out there and coming by to check out my stuff- hello and thank you for sticking in there!!! 🙂 I’ve been a bit flattened by work since late 2014 but I hope to start posting fairly regularly again. I’ve been the sole designer for a small production company for a prolonged period (over a 1 1/2 years to date…), which has been an amazing experience but it blew my casual art schedule out of the water… 😦 I’ve also been slowly re-designing the blog a bit so that all my info is in one place… Apologies to anyone who visited during one of my “tweaking” phases. It’s not quite done yet but will hopefully be sorted soon. Gracie

Online Character Design and Visual Development Courses

Hi Guys! A bit of a different post for today! In case this is helpful to anyone visiting this site (thanks very much by the way! :), I thought I’d take a moment to mention some of the places around the web that I have used as a resource to improve my own work. It’s quite possible that you guys have already discovered these places through search engines etc… I’m essentially a self-taught Character Designer and Vis-Dev artist , and these courses/resources were a big help to me personally. 1. First off the bat are the courses over at ( . They do 8 week long courses on topics ranging from fundamentals like perspective drawing and digital painting, to more specific courses on things like mech design. All the courses are taught by industry professionals who provide video lectures and personalized feedback for students on homework assignments e.g. James Paick ( teaches the Environment Design courses. So far I’ve taken 3 courses here (Digital Painting, Dynamic Sketching 1 and Fundamentals of Character Design) and …

Tee and Mo

Hi Guys, A few months ago I worked on some narrative sequences for a series of games for the BBC, developed by Plug-In Media in Brighton,UK. The games are very pink but are really pretty amazing in terms of animation and design- you can check them out here: